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audio taps as away to wealth

Audio tapes are a great way to sell products online. All you need is the dubbing equipment andyour set. These types of products can sell for over $50. The best way to sell audio tapes is also tosend them the tapes transcribed into text so theycan read it as well, and this adds more value tothe product.If you really want to churn out audio tapes inrecord time and don't want to do the content yourself, why not hire an expert to talk on the tapes for you? Getting a professional in the field to answer your questions would have to be the simplest ways tocreate a product. If you were doing a book on direct mail, why not hire a guru for a couple of hours, grill him over the phone or in person, have the conversation taped, and there you go, instantproduct.Most times people will do interviews with you if you give them the rights to sell the audio tape totheir mailing lists. If they won't do this, then all you have to do is hire them for an hour or two,pay their usually consulting fee (a few hundreddollars should do it) and you then have nocompetition at all.