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what tools do you need to create your product?

Ebook ToolsCreating ebooks now a day is extremely simple. Afew tools, a bit of know how and a few bucks later and your a published author. So let's begin.There is a lot of hoo-ha about what format an ebook should be in, either EXE or PDF and I'm going to tell you now, create your ebook in PDF format! Why? Because PDF is more widely accepted and Mac users can't use ebooks in EXE format. So how can you create a PDF file for free in ebook form??Usually you would need to buy the Adobe pdfgenerator software from or which are all around or over $100.Dirk Dupon is willing to do it for you, free, no catches at all at explains everything there is about creating ebooks. A quick side note here. If you want to create your own ebook covers and graphics, there is a great free tool at that allows you to make FREE 3D graphics for yourproducts! Instant CD Creator Creating CD’s today has never been easier and it's more than likely you already have what you need to started. In this section I'm going to show you whattype of file you can put on CD, how to create an Autorun menu and how to label your CD withprofessional stickers. So let's get started. First off, here is a list of files that you can put in a CD. PDF files like this report Exe files like games Any photo format Ebooks Html files Audio played straight from the cd Text documents If you are wondering what you need to create professional looking CD’s, here's a list: A CD Burner Multimedia Builder to create your autorunmenu Casio CW50 CD/DVD label printer Of course you will need a computer, but more thanlikely you will already have one that's perfect for this. One thing I would say is that you should have plenty of RAM. At least 128 and hopefully 256. Now here comes the hardest part of creating your CD, the autorun. Basically, an autorun is what starts the cd when someone loads it into his or her computer. An autorun is what starts the CD and allows you to navigate the CD and see what you wantto look at. Creating an autorun might be sounding difficultright now, and it isn't. You do however need a little html knowledge and a bit of patience and a piece of software called Multimedia Builder, which you can get at for under$50. This software does more than just create autorun CD’s, but I will let the website explainwhat else it can do.Everything is explained in the tutorials that come with multimedia builder, so there is no use me writing 100 pages on creating autorun CD’s. Now if you want to stand out from the crowd, and make your CD’s look like they just came from a multimillion dollar company, you will need to label your CD’s.There is a great site that talks all about this