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mp3,digital video,dvds and vhs role in your tour to fortune

Exactly like audio tapes, but you can download them online. I don't think I need to explain to people what mp3's are. This is an experimental option that I've only used once and it didn't work all that well. That was probably my fault as I chose the wrong subject. If you are selling any type of technical information, mp3's probably aren't fo you as it's easy to miss bits and harder for thelistener to keep up. You can of course write a report with the mp3 recording and it might be worth twice the price. I would sell a set of mp3's on a how to informationproduct with a report for around $19.95 on Ebay. Digital Videos With the introduction of high speed Internet connection, downloading large files has become more accessible to more people. The advance in computer technology is also helping the rise of digital video as an important medium on the Internet and on your home PC.Digital videos are easy to create, and docommand ahigher price then most downloadable products now.If you were to combine a few video's,reports,ebooks and mp3's together and put them on a cd, youwould find you had aperfect high priced product that would sell very well.DVDs And VHS These products sell extremely well on Ebay, and I mean extremely well. They also sell for a high price. The only problem with DVD's and VHS video's is the equipment you need to create them.While the equipment is easy to use, it's the cost ,factor you have to worry about. You will also need to find a place that will duplicate them for you, and most places have a minimum order of 100 or more. Creating the "How to" video's isn't hard,but this is an option I think would be best if you had a bit of money up your sleeve to play with.